Technical Information

Full Concert

Seating Capacity
Arena Level 2,000
Lower Level 4,734
Upper Level 6,426
Wheelchair 32
Total Capacity 13,192

A 100 ft long x 50 ft high drape can be pulled behind the stage from section A - V. This provides an excellent backdrop and also acts as a sound baffle enhancing the sound.

Concert Bowl

Seating Capacity
Total Capacity 4,000 - 6,000

Our unique curtain system can cut the building into smaller more intimate Concert Bowls.

Hockey (Sporting Events)

Seating Capacity
Total Capacity 11,310

Ice Dimension: 85 ft. wide x 200 ft. long.

Credit Union Centre also owns a professional hardwood basketball floor.

Tradeshow (Arena Level & Concourse Floor Plan)

With moveable seating risers and telescopic seating Credit Union Centre can convert the Arena Level into 70,000 sq. ft. of exhibitor space and also has an additional 40,000 sq. ft. of space on the Concourse level. The facility can offer over 100,000 sq. ft. of tradeshow space under one roof.

Support Above and Beyond

Today, great seating, fabulous food, superior service and state of the art technology make Credit Union Centre the perfect choice for an unforgettable entertainment experience. We’re primed and ready to make every event a huge success – for our guests and our clients.


There is a 400 amp 600v service in each of the four corners of the building capable of being transformed to 1200 amps 120/208 volt power.

There are also 75 kva transformers in NW and SE corners capable of supplying 300 amp 120/208 volt.


Credit Union Centre lighting is Metal Halide with 750 lux (75 foot candles) vertical and 1,500 lux (150 foot candles) horizontal at all points on the event floor. Lighting for a wide variety of events can be pre-programmed.


More than 40 spotlight positions are available. Credit Union Centre is equipped with ten 2000 kW Spotlights.


Credit Union Centre's sound system is state of the art. The sound system consists of two distinct subsystems. An overhead reinforcement subsystem covers the main seating risers from distributed speakers in the amphitheatre ceiling. A second background subsystem covers the arena concourse and Mezzanine areas as well as under the seating risers. Superb acoustical engineering eliminates reverberation allowing for highs and lows to clearly radiate to all areas of the building.


Credit Union Centre rigging grid is capable of accommodating virtually any event set up. The grid structure will support 27,216 kg. or 60,000 lbs.


Most equipment needs can be handled through Credit Union Centre's inventory of forklifts, pallet Jack, dollies, etc. Additional equipment is available on request.

Loading Facilities

Exceptional loading facilities make Credit Union Centre a breeze to move-in and out of.

On Arena level:
One (l) - 7' 10" wide x 9' 10" high loading dock.
Two (2) - ll' lO" wide and 14’ 5" high overhead doors.
Two (2) - 23' wide x 16' 5" high overhead doors.

On concourse level:
One (l) - 9' 10" x 8' 6" high overhead door.

Scoreboard / Colour Matrix

A four-face clock and scoreboard hanging over centre ice features an electronic, colour matrix message centre. The scoreboard is adaptable to all types of sporting events.

Catering & Food Services

Credit Union Centre's professional catering staff can accommodate groups from 6 to 6,000. Our caterers will custom design meals to fit your appetite and budget. We offer great food and great service.

Credit Union Centre has Concession Service points throughout the facility with a great selection of items to suit everyone's tastes with fast and friendly service.

Dressing Rooms / Additional Facilities

  • Dressing Rooms
    • Home Team Dressing Room
    • Visitors Dressing Room
    • 4 Additional Dressing Rooms
    • Referee's Room
  • Backstage Events Office
  • Production Office
  • TV Interview Room
  • Two Mezzanine Lounges
    • Loft Level Lounge (300 person capacity per lounge)
    • Mezzanine Lounge (150 person capacity per lounge)
  • Boardroom
  • Media Lounge (60 person capacity)
  • Gondola
  • Storage Facilities
  • Sound Booth & Broadcast Booth


Credit Union Centre has over 3,000 free on site paved parking stalls. Click to view our parking information.

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